Business Valuation

With 50% of all business owners relying on the value of their business to fund their retirement it is important to know and understand what your business is worth.  Most business work everyday and most times get to the end of the day not really knowing what they have achieved. They are not actually working towards or focused on their future goals and what they want. They believe their business, when sold, will fund their retirement and they will live happily ever after. Not true for most businesses.

Understanding the true value of your business is the first step to a successful exist strategy. Have confidence in understanding what your business is worth to potential buyers will help you to negotiate and achieve a satisfactory sale price.

Business Valuations are used by many business owners as a regular measuring stick of success and progression. Planning for eventual sale well ahead of time assists in breaching the gap between today’s value and the value you want to achieve in the future.

Our Business Value Gap Analysis will take you through this process and give you peace of mind, knowing what your profit target needs to be to attain the price you need to achieve. The Business Value Gap Analysis values your business’ assets and liabilities, identifies your Business Capitalisation Rate and defines what is required to achieve your optimum business value.