Tax Planning

Taxation can be a major cost to your business. Not managed correctly tax can become a barrier to achieving your goals. So why not get proactive and do something about with your business tax exposure and review your tax position before the end of the financial year to find ways of reducing the amount of tax you have to pay.

At Waterford Accountants each year in April we contact everyone of our clients to do exactly that. We review the business performance and tax exposure to develop strategies and solutions to reduce the tax liability before the end of the financial year. Before it is too late and  while you can still proactively do something about how much tax you have to pay.

Our business people relieved to know what their tax liability is going to be before the end of the financial year – No Surprises.

They also happy knowing they have proactively implemented tax minimisation strategies so they are not paying too much tax – Why pay more tax than you have to.

Our proactive approach to Taxation Planning has help to develop cutting-edge tax minimisation strategies to leave clients better off, sometimes by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our team keep in close contact with each and every single one of our clients. We get to know them well and help them grow their business and create wealth that will literally change their lives forever.