Business Services

What Waterford Accountants can offer you?

Waterford Accountants service offering is tailored to you and your business. After learning about your concerns and analysing your situation, the team at Waterford Accountants will work on developing strategies aimed at achieving your individual objectives. These strategies may include the following services:

If you want to make your great idea a reality then we have the expertise to set up the most suitable business structure for you. We can execute the business registration and compliance needs of your new business.

Choosing the right business structure – company, trust, partnership or sole trader – can depend on many factors and will have a lasting impact on your financial affairs. The statutory and taxation regulations of each structure are different.  Rest assured Waterford Accountants can help you get through the maze, as you will be guided by our experienced taxation advisors.

We can assist you in ordering and registering legal entities with ASIC, registering Australian Business Numbers with the ATO and complying with ongoing company secretarial

Business owners need accurate and up to date financial information to make important decisions that affect the success of their business. Accurate and detailed financial information gives owners the information and confidence they need to make the right decisions.

Waterford Accountants us a proven process of account and income tax reconciliation process which has received the approval of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia.

Taking care of your accounting needs and tax affairs is not only time consuming but can also be a mine field for the in experinced. Waterford Accountants can prepares your annual accounts, BAS/GST obligations, FBT returns and management accounts for tax and planning purposes.

Take the headache out of tax return preparation by leaving the paperwork to us. We guarantee timely preparation of your business and personal tax returns, preparation of activity statements and setting up tax payment plans. Let us help. We can do as much or as little as you like us to take care of for you.

Take Control Of Your Business Now

Getting a Business Health Check is a valuable step in taking control of your business and securing your businesses future. Taking the hassle out of identifying where a business is going wrong and how to improve profitability, Waterford Accountants Business Health Checks give tailored, superior advice to business owners on their financial affairs, and provides the right implementation strategies to achieve fast results. Even if your business is going well, it is important to evaluate your business operations and ensure all parts of the business are reaching full efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Goal Is Your Business Success

At Waterford Accountants we see you as a partner and make it our priority to provide you with an outcome that best suits the needs of your business. We recognise that every business is unique and work with you to understand your circumstances, develop realistic goals and tailor a financial strategy to meet your objectives.

Practical, hassle free and with proven results, our Business Health Check has helped many businesses improve cost effectiveness, process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Would You Like To Improve Sales By 20% Or More?

Have you ever wanted to know how you can improve your sales by 20%? Or know how you can improve your cash flow? Our business health check will give you these answers and more. A Waterford Accountants Business Health Check will outline your current position, identify your businesses potential and recommend the right strategies to enhance your businesses performance and position.

To keep your business on track you need to have a Budget. It is critical for business people to set financial targets and to measure business performance. Without budgets running a business can be a bit of hit and miss. A well laid-out Budget will also improve your ability to acquire funding.

Cash is King! Don’t get caught short! Cashflow Forecasting compliments accurate budgeting perfectly. Giving you the ability to identify whether you will be able to pay your expenses for the month,as well determine if you are holding too much inventory or if and when you can afford to expand. Cashflow forecasting is a powerful management tool.

So where to from here?

Waterford Accountants can work with you to develop financial projections based on your current needs and future goals. With this information you will then be able to anticipate and address significant expenses and develop strategies to positively impact your bottomline, obtain finance approval for new projects, plan for new acquisition or growth strategies and plan for dividend funding.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!  With 50% of start up businesses failing in the first 5 years it is not surprising only  15% of new business start ups have a detailed business plan. With such a high probability of failure in the first 5 years we urge you not to take gamble on your business. Its just not worth the risk.

So if you are starting a new business or wanting to give your existing business new direction, then you need a detailed Business Plan to get you and your team focused on what matters. A Business Plan is a clear blueprint to achieving your goals and provides a map for the future vision of your business.

It need not be a terribly long or complicated document either. We suggest starting out with our simplest One Page Business Plan before progressing to an in-depth Business Life Plan. We can assist you to refocus on developing growth, profit and liquidity and obtain a new view of the business you have, versus the business you could have.

Take the time as a business owner and as a business team to identify goals, challenges, competitors and key advantages to further develop your products, infrastructure and human capital.

Taxation can be a major cost to your business. Not managed correctly tax can become a barrier to achieving your goals. So why not get proactive and do something about with your business tax exposure and review your tax position before the end of the financial year to find ways of reducing the amount of tax you have to pay.

At Waterford Accountants each year in April we contact everyone of our clients to do exactly that. We review the business performance and tax exposure to develop strategies and solutions to reduce the tax liability before the end of the financial year. Before it is too late and  while you can still proactively do something about how much tax you have to pay.

Our business people relieved to know what their tax liability is going to be before the end of the financial year – No Surprises.

They also happy knowing they have proactively implemented tax minimisation strategies so they are not paying too much tax – Why pay more tax than you have to.

Our proactive approach to Taxation Planning has help to develop cutting-edge tax minimisation strategies to leave clients better off, sometimes by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our team keep in close contact with each and every single one of our clients. We get to know them well and help them grow their business and create wealth that will literally change their lives forever.

If you were unable to keep managing your business, would it be able to continue to trade and prosper?

What if your business partner or another business director was to die suddenly? How would you cope?

And what if you were to die suddenly? How would your family cope?

Or are you just looking to sell out or exit and retire?

You have grown your business diligently and now your mind turns to collecting your reward.  Achieving the best return from your business requires the same diligence it took to grow it.  So how can you ensure the best reward for your efforts?

Death, disability, illness and retirement are not always predictable. Succession planning protects your business, its assets and its value should the unforeseen occur.

A succession plan may comprise of a number of strategies to ensure that the business enables management to succeed and for the business to continue to be in good hands long after the original founder/s have gone or moved on.

Sadly, too few small to medium businesses have succession plans in place, should the unforeseen happen and the business founder/s are no longer in a position to run their business or they want to sell it or retire.

Waterford Accountants can help you to implement succession strategies to suit your business.

Complimenting our succession planning service, Waterford Accountants also provides tax planning advice for family businesses and larger businesses with potential management buy-outs.

With 50% of all business owners relying on the value of their business to fund their retirement it is important to know and understand what your business is worth.  Most business work everyday and most times get to the end of the day not really knowing what they have achieved. They are not actually working towards or focused on their future goals and what they want. They believe their business, when sold, will fund their retirement and they will live happily ever after. Not true for most businesses.

Understanding the true value of your business is the first step to a successful exist strategy. Have confidence in understanding what your business is worth to potential buyers will help you to negotiate and achieve a satisfactory sale price.

Business Valuations are used by many business owners as a regular measuring stick of success and progression. Planning for eventual sale well ahead of time assists in breaching the gap between today’s value and the value you want to achieve in the future.

Our Business Value Gap Analysis will take you through this process and give you peace of mind, knowing what your profit target needs to be to attain the price you need to achieve. The Business Value Gap Analysis values your business’ assets and liabilities, identifies your Business Capitalisation Rate and defines what is required to achieve your optimum business value.

Selling your business should very rewarding and a time to celebrate. But the complexity of the process can be arduous and stressful. Many owners end up being disappointed that their sale price is well below expectations.

A professional sale solution identifies the true worth of your business, optimises operations for sale well before the sale date, develops a clear plan to take your business to market and includes introduction and liaison with suitable business brokers and sale negotiating services. All of which ensure you receive the best possible price.

There are many alternatives to straight out on-market sale of business. So you have to consider all of the options available ranging from: staff buyouts, venture capital investment and mergers. To ensure your exist from the business is the way you want it to be then you may want to consider a succession plan as part of the sale negotiations.

Looking to get into business? Found a business you are thinking of acquiring? Contemplating a business merger? Navigating your way through a acquisition can become simpler with an expert to assist you and proactively work with you.

Based on our experience, let us ask the key questions and determine the right answers with you. Are you getting a good deal? Is the business right for you? Can you afford it? Have all avenues for future growth been investigated?

Take the emotion out of the negotiation and work with us to develop the right solution for you.

We will perform due diligence and prepare financial forecasts in line with your goals and objectives. When the time comes we will assist with the purchase negotiations and advise on the best avenue for finance to make your business ownership goal a reality.

The right accounting software can save you time and money. However, choosing the right system for your business can be difficult. Did you know there are more than 60 different options available in Australia?

Our ongoing research gives us access to the very latest in accounting software solutions. We can help you choose and setup software that is easy to manage, suits your business structure and keeps you up to date with the latest innovations in valuable, accurate and timely information.

Whether you’re outgrowing your current setup, merging a new business into your existing system or needing a software health check – Waterford Accountants can provide you with the advice you need.

With Cloud accounting revolutionising the way businesses do business it is important  for you to use the latest accouting software available.  The Benefits of cloud accounting are huge and can realy give your business the head start. For example:-

  • Anywhere, anytime – 24/7 access from any internet connection in the world (even via your iphone or blackberry mobile devices)
  • Real-time view of your cashflow and bank balances
  • Automated daily bank feeds – no more cumbersome manual entries of bank transactions
  • Real-time collaboration with your Accountant – sharing the same data at the same time
  • No hardware installations, manual back-ups or maintenance/support costs – saving you time and money
  • Software upgrades while you sleep…for free
  • No cumbersome transfer / sharing of data files that can be corrupted or out-of-date
  • Cashflow friendly with predictable monthly subscriptions
  • Free up your time to focus on your core activities

For information about Cloud Accounting and the benefits it holds contact Waterford Accountants and we can help you make the choice that suits your business.

Keeping up with your corporate compliance obligations can be a nightmare with ever-changing Corporations Law. The many administrative tasks involved in this process can absorb your valuable time and failing to keep up with changing rules can incur penalties.

We can manage the process to setup a company or trust or register for GST/ABN/TFN or transfer shares or units or make deed amendments. We can manage all your correspondence with ASIC or the ATO and keep you uptodate with all requirements.

Whether you seek general advice regarding company or trust formation or require assistance filing annual returns and maintaining the company register, Waterford Accountants has the expertise to keep you compliant. We will manage this process for you enabling you to spend more time on your business.

Wealth Creation is an ongoing process that assists you in establishing your financial and lifestyle goals. We help you to achieve these goals by making optimum use of your financial resources.

Because everyone has different investment and lifestyle needs, you need to have your own specialised plan.

How often have you asked yourself any of the following?

  • How can I invest tax-effectively?
  • When should I make a will?
  • How much do I need to retire?
  • Can I get higher returns without higher risk?
  • How can I increase my wealth?

If these concerns have crossed your mind, you are not alone. People are increasingly concerned about taking charge of their financial matters, particularly their retirement.

After learning about your concerns and analysing your situation, the team at Waterford Accountants will work on developing strategies aimed at achieving your individual objectives. These include:

  • Risk Management
  • Salary Packaging
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Creation Strategies
  • Estate Planning