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Purchasing property with friends and family

It’s becoming quite common in the current property market for friends and family to band together to get a foot in the property market. There can be many benefits of pooling assets, particularly in the initial stages however what will happen years down the track if something goes wrong? Tax Issues Capital Gains Tax (CGT) [...]

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What’s involved in selling your business?

Looking to sell your business and not sure where to start or how to maximise your result, we understand that this can be a stressful time and have put together a list of issues that business owners or investors need to consider when selling a business. What you are selling and the tax implications When [...]

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Parental leave – what you need to know as employers

We know as employers that the parental leave entitlements are 12 months with a potential for 24 months of unpaid leave with your job guaranteed (or an equivalent position) remains but the question remains who is required to pay for this leave. According to a recent report, mothers are entitled to just less than 18 [...]

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Christmas Expenses

Just like every day people, business owners are just as likely to purchase gifts for employees and clients during the Christmas period. If you have been spending money on your clients, it’s important to note what type of spending is classed as legitimate business expenses and therefore deductible to your business. To put it simply, [...]

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Understanding Superannuation Reforms

When passed, the new superannuation reforms will represent the most significant change to superannuation since its introduction. While there has been a softening of the initial Budget announcements, there are still some very large changes to come. Reduction in non-concessional contribution caps If you are close to retirement age and looking to grow your super [...]

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The Sharing Economy and Tax

What is sharing economy? Sharing economy is an economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. These include things like renting out a room or a whole house, providing taxi services, providing personal services, such as creative and professional services or renting out a car space. Airbnb [...]

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Inventor or Investor – what you need to know about crowdfunding

Do you have a great idea? Do you need funding? Crowdfunding is an emerging way of securing funds to see your inventive ideas become reality. There are several types of crowdfunding that you can use: Donation based – funding a cause without the fundraiser providing anything in return. This is typical for charities or philanthropic [...]

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The budget measures: Dead or alive … or mutated?

It has been several months since the government released their 2016-17 budget and there has been plenty of debate on the proposed budget measures. It is now becoming a bit clearer which budget measures the Coalition will be able to pass with the support of Labor and independents. The three major proposal areas that will [...]

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The Briefcase vs Handbag deduction debate

The Briefcase vs Handbag deduction debate It has always been common practise for men to claim their briefcase as a tax deduction, So why is it that Women cannot claim their handbags? After all, Working Women are just as likely to carry their iPad's, documents, and other work related items in their handbag as Men [...]

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